Interpretive Planning • Exhibit Design   

"The day before he died, Roosevelt worked on a speech about the postwar world, reminding the country "that great power involves great responsibility." I like that the exhibition also shows the pulp mystery found on his night stand: "The Punch and Judy Murders" by Carter Dickson. Human beings, not icons are at work."

–Edward Rothstein, New York Times Cultural Desk

Freedom From Fear, FDR Library

Client: FDR Library and Museum

Budget: $150,000 

The FDR Presidential Library and Museum created a dramatic and memorable exhibition illuminating the role that FDR played in World War II by showcasing the priceless collection of artifacts, documents, and photographs that place FDR squarely in the center of the action. Displaying the many rarely seen documents, like FDR’s “Day of Infamy” speech, the letter from Einstein about the atomic bomb, and FDR’s copy of his D-Day prayer in their historical context was the primary focus for the exhibition. The exhibition effectively revisited FDR’s steadfast leadership through this tumultuous time in our history.

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